Breakfast Pizza

breakfast pizza

I love breakfast pizza. I mean one thing that alleviates the sting of gas prices at your morning fill-up is running inside and treating yourself to a Casey’s breakfast pizza! Whether it’s Casey’s or a homemade version, breakfast pizza is one of my favorite special breakfast treats.

For you East and West coasters, I’m sorry you have to miss out on Casey’s breakfast pizza. If you are ever traveling around or on a road trip through the midwest, do yourself a favor and get yourself a slice, or a whole pizza! So. Good.

Now there is a caveat to my love of breakfast pizza. I only eat bacon or ham breakfast pizza. I have issues with the texture of ground meat, and this includes breakfast sausage. I’ll eat the occasional sausage patty or sausage link, but to have it loose on a pizza is a major texture issue for me. But, if you like sausage, or sausage fits into your budget better than bacon, absolutely make this pizza with sausage!!!

Breakfast pizza

A couple other notes about breakfast pizza. For this recipe, I used a hollandaise sauce as the sauce. Specifically, I used Sunny Anderson’s simple hollandaise sauce recipe. If you’re using sausage, a white gravy would also be delicious. Almost like a play off of biscuits and gravy. Also, ham would be amazing with the hollandaise base! I should try that next time I make this! It would be like my one of my other breakfast loves: eggs Benedict.

My parents have an amazing pizza dough recipe, so that is where I got my dough for this pizza. I also either make my own or buy store-bought pizza dough (no shame). You can also buy the pre-cooked packages of pizza dough! No judgement here.

Now let’s talk about eggs. I cracked a couple of whole eggs on top of the bacon and cheese so that I could have a runny yolk show stopper. It is particularly fun if you are making this pizza for a brunch or with overnight guests in the morning. But, if you’re making this pizza as a meal prep, or to have breakfasts planned throughout the week, scrambled eggs work better. And, as always, if you prefer scrambled eggs, even at brunch, then absolutely add scrambled eggs. I mean Casey’s has scrambled eggs on their pizza and every Midwesterner and Mid-west transplant raves about it.

slice of breakfast pizza showing the runny yolk

Have fun with your breakfast pizza and customize it the way you like it!

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