Spooky Eerie Halloween Treats

Next week is Halloween! Which is probably one of my favorite holidays. Whether you’re feeding witchy friends or little monsters, this post contains some fun spooky and eerie Halloween food perfect for your Halloween party menu!

Spooky Snacks and Appetizers

Dark and Eerie Charcuterie Board:

Charcuterie boards have been unbelievably popular the past few years. I compiled a dark and eerie charcuterie board.

Dark and halloween themed charcuterie board with red fruit and dark chocolate.

Majority of the ingredients for this charcuterie board were purchased from Aldi for a total cost of approximately $50! The two things that were not from Aldi are the prickly pear and rambutan fruit. Those to items I found at a farmers market. If you can’t find prickly pear and rambutans at your market, you can substitute darker fruit that you have access to. Blueberries, raspberries, and plums would all be great additions to the board.

In my opinion, a spooky charcuterie needs to have a very blue cheese. There is just something about the blue veins running throughout the cheese that gives the cheese and eerie feel. To add to the spookiness, I carved little skulls into slices of fresh mozzarella cheese. Dark chocolates, dark crackers, a dark onion chutney, black/kalamata olives, and goat cheese with a red pepper jelly completed my board.

Antipasto Eyeballs

Another spooky appetizer is these deliciously creepy eyeballs! These are also so simple that they only require three ingredients: prosciutto, bocconcini, and olives. You simply wrap thin slices of prosciutto around a small ball of mozzarella (bocconcini) and add a slice of olive on top for the iris of the eye. These would also make a fun and eerie addition to a creepy charcuterie platter!

Edible eyeballs made from prosciutto wrapped around mozzarella

Main Course

Bloody tomato soup

Tomato soup is such an easy meal to give spooky vibes. All you have to do is say it is blood for the little vampires in your life.

two black bowls of halloween themed tomato soup on a black background.

I made my tomato soup homemade from scratch. I cooked tomatoes down and jarred their juice at my parents house one evening. Then, I took those jars home and cooked the juice down, simmering it on low until it was reduced and the thickness of a desired tomato soup. I also added a half of a head of garlic to the tomato juice as it simmered. Just chop the entire head in half, exposing the cloves and plop the whole thing in the soup. This makes it easy for the cloves to season the soup, but also easy to remove the garlic when the soup is reduced.

You absolutely do not have to make your tomato soup from scratch! If you have a can or jar of tomato soup you like, use it! There is no judgement here!

Cute as a Spider Bread

Challah bread in the shape of a spider.

Need bread to go with your appetizers or to dip into your tomato soup? Make it in the shape of an adorable spider! I use Betty Crocker’s rich egg bread recipe to make my challah bread. Except instead of twisting it into a three plait braid, it did a round challah loaf braid, saving some dough for a head and legs. I was so pleased with how this turned out!

Spooky Sweet Treats

Booooook Brownies

Hocus Pocus Book brownies on a black platter.

These Hocus Pocus “booooook” brownies are a fun treat for your halloween party. While I made the tomato soup from scratch earlier in this post, I definitely used (and urge you to use) a boxed brownie mix for these! Put your energy, effort, and time into the decorations!

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