Where to Eat in Las Vegas on a Budget

I love Las Vegas. In the last 4 years, I’ve been there 5 times (and that’s missing a year due to Covid and everything being closed). I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat in Las Vegas. There is no shortage of food in Las Vegas. Even celebrity chefs have opened budget friendly restaurants. So, you can get high quality food within any budget!

Me on the high roller with a partial view of Las Vegas in the background

When it comes to budget friendly bites, I consider being able to get a hearty and filling meal for $20 or less per person a budget friendly food.

LINQ Promenade

You can find most of the budget friendly places to eat on the LINQ Promenade and its surrounding hotels. If you’re looking for a cheap eat, this is the first place I would explore!

The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas.
View of the High Roller and LINQ Promenade in December.


Animal-style burger with cheese fries from the LINQ Promenade.

Being from the Midwest, we don’t have In-n-Out. So, when I make it to Las Vegas, it’s a fun treat. Take it from me, it’s especially delicious when you come (or stumble) off of the High Roller after spending exactly 30 minutes in one of the open bar pods.

Hash House A Go Go

Hash House A Go-Go chicken hash with scrambled eggs, biscuit and fruit, all served in a 10.5 square cast iron skillet.

My experience with Hash House comes with two tips. First, plan to have a wait. I arrived there about 10 minutes after they opened and the estimated wait time was already 45 minutes to 1 hour (it ended up being about a 30 minute wait to be seated). The second tip? Split a meal with a friend. The roasted chicken hash that I ordered was served in a 10.5 inch square cast iron skillet. It was so much food! I only ate about half of it.

Now, let’s talk about the quality of the food. When the skillet was placed in front of me, I was hit with the scent of Thanksgiving. The roasted chicken has smelled exactly like walking into your mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. While the chicken was juicy and the asparagus tender, my favorite part of the meal was the biscuit. It was tender and fluffy, and most importantly, not dry. The strawberry preserves served with it was also perfectly sweet and tart. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Pizza Cake

Pizza Cake in bed at Harrah's Las Vegas.

Now, Pizza Cake by Buddy Valstro is not part of the LINQ. It is in one of the neighboring hotels: Harrah’s. I also seem to be a big fan of eating pizza in bed on vacation. So, Pizza Cake was the perfect slice of vacation in-bed pizza for my Harrah’s stay.

Planet Hollywood

Pin-up Pizza

Pin-up Pizza is another perfect in-bed pizza option! You are able to buy pizza by the slice, and each slice is like a supersized New York-style slice. It is about twice the size of your head! Perfectly thin crust, cheesy, and a mild sauce make this one of my favorite pizza slices in Vegas.

Caesars Palace

Beijing Noodle No. 9

Soup dumplings and bbq pork dumplings in steamer baskets.

I am always on the hunt for soup dumplings, or Xiao long bao, ever since I had them during dim sum in Beijing, China. So, I was so excited when I saw them on the menu at Beijing Noodle No. 9. While they weren’t as good as the ones I had in China, they were able to bring back all of my China dim sum and food memories.

I also ordered the steamed bbq pork buns. You can never go wrong with steamed bbq pork buns. They were probably the best bbq pork buns I have ever had. The buns were like light and fluffy clouds. I’ve never had buns that almost melted in my mouth, but these did.


Secret Pizza

Tucked in a nondescript hallway of the Cosmopolitan (third floor), Secret Pizza is a great late night treat. What makes it secret is that there are no signs marking it’s location. You just have to know where it is. Like the other pizza-by-the-slice restaurants mentioned in this post, it serves New York-style pizza. The pizza is delicious and filling after taking in a Las Vegas show, but hunting down the restaurant is a fun adventure on its own adventure.

China Poblano

A Chinese and Mexican fashion dish from China Poblano in Las Vegas.

China Poblano was my introduction into the Las Vegas foodie and celebrity chef scene. I’ve been hooked ever since. One of the great things about China Poblano by Jose Andres is that you can experience the Vegas foodie and celebrity chef scene at a reasonable price! The menu is full of creative Chinese and Mexican dishes, sometimes fusing the two cultures together. If you are having trouble deciding if you want Chinese or Mexican food, make a reservation at China Poblano.

Other Budget Eats

Nearly every medium-large hotel on the Strip has a food hall or food mall, both similar to food courts. They often contain national and international chain eateries that are budget friendly.

If you have your own favorite places to get a good mean in Vegas without breaking the bank, leave it in a comment! I’d love to check it out on my next trip!

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