Sausage and Potato Bake

Sausage and potato bake in a cast iron skillet

This year I have probably made a version of this sausage and potato bake at least once a month. It’s a simple and easy one pan dish that you can have so much fun making and putting your own spin on. I use whatever sausages happen to be in my freezer or whatever happens to be on sale at the grocery store.

The basics of this recipe start out very simple: potatoes, onions, sausages, olive oil, salt and pepper. But, in the following paragraph I’ll share some of the ways I change up the base recipe.

If I am using an Italian style sausage, I might add bell peppers, balsamic vinegar, Italian herbs, and/or lemon zest. If I have bratwurst, I will sometimes take it in a German currywurst direction by adding curry powder and diced apples. Smoked sausages make me think barbecue, which leads to sprinkling a rub on the potatoes or adding barbecue sauce to make them all caramelized.

Basically, don’t be afraid to add your own favorite seasonings or additional vegetables to your bake. If you’re using chicken sausage maybe turn into into a buffalo chicken sausage and potato bake? I feel like the possibilities are endless with this recipe.

The recipe starts simply enough: by chopping your potatoes and onions. You can either dice the potatoes and onions, or slice them. That is up to you and your preference. Once the potatoes and onions are tossed with olive oil and your seasoning , slice the sausages in half and nestle them on top of the potatoes. By slicing them in half and putting them on top of the potatoes, some of the fat and flavor from the sausages drips down onto the potatoes as it all cooks together. Just another way to make the potatoes even more yummy.

Once everything is in the baking dish or cast iron skillet, put it in the oven at 375 degrees until the potatoes are fork tender and the sausages are done (about 35 minutes). Then EAT! So easy.

potato and sausage bake in a cast iron skillet

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